About Us

Solar Dynamix Pty Ltd is a Solar Energy Consultancy based in the Western Cape with a focus on Renewable Energy sky-1392241_1920Solutions and a passion for customers, our environment and service. We specialise in the renewable energy needs of individuals and business, providing affordable solutions to reduce energy costs and our carbon footprint, through the use of abundant natural resources such as solar, wind and water. Photovoltaic and solar thermal solutions for both the residential and commercial sectors are in its infancy in Africa, but growing daily as people realise that using the power of the sun to reduce energy costs and drive environmental accountability is now in their hands.

Our local and international affiliate partners have many years of experience in the industry of Renewable Energy Solutions, giving you the peace of mind that any renewable energy project, whether residential or business, will be handled in a professional manner with an emphasis on service and customer satisfaction.

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Our Services

Energy Efficiency

Solar Dynamix believes saving energy in the home and business will result in financial savings but needs to be prioritized in order of importance. We therefore offer the service of analysing your current energy usage business and residential. By comparing appliance usage and their impact on you energy bill we can offer options to drastically reduce your overall usage saving money and improving ones carbon footprint which is also a significant benefit.

Financial Analysis

Solar Dynamix and Partners offer in depth financial analysis for both residential and commercial sectors. We will be able to assess your energy needs and match that to your budget. We can calculate the return on your investment (ROI) giving you financial independence from energy utilities and a better return on your property in the future.

Solar Water Heating and Solar Electric

Solar Dynamix relealise the most energy intensive appliance in the home is the hot water cylinder or geyser. It is also the most expensive to run. The good news is that solar water heaters can replace up to 100% of the electricity used to heat water, and solar water heating should be considered as one of the first steps in energy and cost savings.
Photovoltaic (PV) is a method of generating electrical power by converting sunshine into electricity. Solar Dynamix uses only the best quality monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV panels. Solar Dynamix and Partners specializes in domestic and commercial systems.


Solar Dynamix can assist with the various finance options to fund your project with accredited staff that can negotiate on your behalf with major banking institutions and finance houses. Solar Dynamix will ensure that your project can materialize where finance may have been a challenge.

Installation and Maintenance

Solar Dynamix and accredited Sessa Partners will project manage your installation insuring all fitments and products are SABS approved and adhere to the necessary NERSA, SANS1307 and SANS151 regulations. Solar Dynamix offers necessary installation and product Warranties and Maintenance agreements to protect your investment and peace of mind.

Community Rewards Program

Solar Dynamix is highly motivated to giving back to the community through awareness and rewards programs. Through these programs we will uplift our communities and create awareness which will have a ripple effect for the future. Solar Dynamix is dedicated to empower communities by running training programs and workshops and thus creating future ambassadors for a greener South Africa. Solar Dynamix endeavors to plant trees in the community with every installation done to show our commitment to a greener South Africa.

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